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Date Posted: 2012-05-07


Lotus, Ltd. Has Paired Up With The Lotus Forums:Your Lotus Ltd Board is pleased to announce we have arranged an agreement with The Lotus Forums (TLF).....

to host our very own forum. Here you will be able to find up to the minute news and information regarding Lotus Ltd, our Local Chapters and so much more. The Lotus Forums consistently has the latest racing and factory news. In addition, since TLF is a well established forum, you’ll be sure to find all the answers you’ll ever need regarding your Lotus. Lotus Ltd strives to add value to your membership. We’ll sincerely hope you’ll take advantage of this latest tool in our communication toolbox. Below is the link to our own section of the Forum.....
The Lotus Forums began in 2004 from humble beginnings as a website focused around functional discussion for UK-based Lotus Esprit owners who at the time only had a troublesome email mailing list. Initially just for UK Esprit owners, the site was known as LEF, Since then, the site expanded to cover the rest of the world and we were asked to cover other Lotus models with our successful forum format, first the track focused 2Eleven with and then the new Evora with With 3 separate sites on the go much of the content and effort was being duplicated in triplicate so in 2009 the 6,500 Esprit members, 500 2Eleven members and 1,000 Evora members were merged into one happy site and here we are now, and we’re covering more of the range too.
We’ve expanded further in terms of members (over 11,000 registered members and 50,000+ visitors/month) and with the model range having been asked to take over an Excel/Eclat/Elite site and adding support for the newer ‘small platform’ cars, the Elise/Exige/Europa. The site continues to expand with 20+ new members per day on average making us one of the largest Lotus owner and enthusiast sites in the world and act as a forum for other clubs such as Club Esprit, Club Lotus Spain, Club Lotus GT, Lotus Cup Eastern Europe and Club Lotus Portugal. TLF is also one of the only clubs in the world to be official retailers for Group Lotus & Classic Team Lotus, something we are very proud of and in March 2012 TLF were added to the Group Lotus website as official global community partner to the brand.
Our members not only discuss the ins and outs of Lotus ownership and enthusiasm on our busy forums but we have many events. From major, national and worldwide fundraising events to our very busy regional areas we enjoy seeing owners and enthusiasts getting together in their cars to enjoy themselves.