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LOG 35 in Colorado Springs, Colorado  August 21-24, 2015

LOG 35 Log

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*****Dear Members:  The Club Store will be temporarily closed.  We are currently working on a new source to get the club store back online.  We apologize for any inconvenience.*****

Lotus, Ltd. Judged Concours Option

The Lotus Ltd board is proud to present that “Judged Concours Option” will once again be held in Asheville, NC!!.    Our President Tony Vaccaro has endorsed this prestigious event which Art Mason is now running.  All Lotus cars manufactured prior to 1978 are eligible! Your car will be evaluated by trained judges and scored via a points system.

We the Lotus Ltd board, understand that restoring and maintaining an older Lotus requires an intense amount of time, effort, and of course money. This new program is for those who want their Lotus to be objectively evaluated by a team of Lotus experts in a standardized and organized manner. Emphasis will be on preservation or restoration to the original standard of production by Lotus thereby fulfilling Lotus Ltd’s main purpose as a Lotus enthusiast organization.

Don’t worry our current “Popular Vote” style system will remain as well as our existing classes. The “Judged Option” is just that, an option. If you decide to select this option on the LOG registration form your car will be placed in its usual class and staged with others of the same series but it will be evaluated by a trained judging team instead of relying on the current yet still successful popular vote.If you are fortunate to win your class you will receive a special and most likely soon to be highly coveted “Judged Concours” award.

So have you been holding off restoring that Elan…or you didn’t think it was worth trailering your Lotus 23 cross country for a popular vote? Well now you have a good reason to get motivated!

Any questions can be directed to your Judged Concours chairman Art Mason at .

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